Litigation involves the process of taking legal action, as a result of a dispute between two or more opposing parties, in order to either enforce or defend a legal right. Our professionals have thorough knowledge and experience to render excellent service relating to commercial and civil litigation in the High, Regional and Magistrate Court. 

We appreciate that family law matters are sensitive and very often emotional and as such we strive to ensure that we handle family law matters with the greatest of care to make the process as simple as possible. Our expertise includes: divorce proceedings (opposed and unopposed), interim applications, child contact arrangements, domestic violence, protection orders, adoptions and maintenance applications.

Criminal law involves the rules and legislation prohibiting certain conduct, defining crimes and regulating the prosecution of an individual who is accused of committing a crime. We offer specialist criminal law services, including bail application (whether at the police station or court) and all aspects of criminal defence and trial proceedings.



Specializing in Criminal Law, Family Law, Litigation & Conveyancing




Debt collection involves the legal process of collecting money due and payable for goods sold and delivered and/or for services rendered. We specialize in all debt collection aspects, including letters of demand, acknowledgements of debt, instituting legal action by way of summons action, obtaining summary and default judgements and executing judgements by way of either a warrant of execution, Section 65 financial enquiry or a garnishee order.


Property law governs various types of ownership of movable and immovable property, incorporeal property and intellectual property, the owner’s rights and aspects of sale and lease. We specialise in: negotiating and drafting sale agreements and lease agreements, litigation relating to property law, eviction applications and tenant disputes.The term “conveyancing” describes the legal process whereby rights in fixed property are registered in the deeds office. These rights include ownership, mortgage, servitude, mineral rights and others. All these rights vest legally in a person only on registration


The Administration of Deceased Estates is a complex process. Death is a difficult time for all concerned and few are equipped to cope with the legal and financial consequences of death. It takes professionals with a sound, working knowledge in the winding up of Deceased Estates, to guide the process, from reporting the Estate to the Master of the High Court, through the exacting procedures prescribed by law, to final distribution of the Estate to the beneficiaries, in an efficient, yet empathetic manner.


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